Bicycle Fitting

RyderNeal has spent over 15 years working in the bicycle industry, raced road and triathlon nearly 20 years, and has been using his biomechanical expertise to correctly fit riders to their bikes since 1995. Who better to fit you to your bike than an expert in both the human body and the bicycle. In fact, Neal has a second company, FootWorks Cycles, that specializes in custom frame design and bicycle fitting using some of the industry's latest technology.

A properly fitted bicycle will maximize your power, efficiency, and comfort. While at the same time help prevent overuse injuries, and allow current injuries to heal.

To determine optimal bike fit a comprehensive evaluation of your strength, flexibility, core stability, and foot and leg alignment is made. Multiple measurements of your body are also taken. Next, your fit and technique on your current setup are observed. Misalignments and deficiencies are noted, and changes are made.

Attention to detail is also given to your shoe / pedal interface. The pedal is where your power is transmitted, and a perfectly placed shoe can make all the difference in power and comfort. The perfect cleat placement is made, and if necessary, wedges or custom orthotics may be recommended.