Custom Orthotics

“I pronate, do I need orthotics?” This is a question that is frequently asked and the answer is not the same for everyone. It may surprise you to know that pronation is normal. Every foot goes through pronation and supination with every step you make. However, the problem lies in whether you pronate too much or too little. That is where orthotics can help.

Orthotics are custom shoe inserts that improve the alignment and the biomechanics of the foot, ankle and leg. When the body is properly aligned it is able to function efficiently and with appropriate strain. Whether you are an athlete, or you are just on your feet a lot, improper foot mechanics can lead to pain. Not only foot pain, but, potentially knee, hip, and back pain as well.

Neal Goldberg specializes in body mechanics. That is why he looks closely at the feet. If foot alignment is not correct, the rest of the body can suffer. However, Neal also feels that orthotics are only a part of the rehab treatment and that proper flexibility, strength, and core stability need to be optimized for orthotics to work as effectively as possible.

Along with orthotics, shoes have a great impact on foot function. Neal will make sure you are using the proper shoes for your needs, and will make recommendations for you. It is also not uncommon for Neal to meet you at local running stores to ensure that you are getting the correct shoe.